Men’s Health Month: It’s Time To Talk

We all know that the last few months have been difficult for men and women alike. However, men tend to be less communicative than women, when it comes to sharing their health concerns with their family or friends. We should never underestimate the impact that isolation, job-worries, and not being able to get together with friends, may have on the mental health of men. Simply not being able to participate in your favourite sport, or take other forms of exercise, or even a change in diet because you’ve been stuck at home for months, can impact upon anyone’s physical or mental health.

But why is it that men seem less willing to seek help with health conditions? Perhaps there’s something in the male psyche which leads them to ignore concerns, or be embarrassed to discuss them? A survey last year1found that 80% of men would choose to endure an illness rather than seek help from a healthcare professional, and 39% have let symptoms become unbearable before visiting their GP.This delay can make things worse, or lead to long-term and chronic conditions, which could have been dealt with earlier.

If this sounds like you, take heart! Homeopathy could be just what you need! An appointment with a homeopath will enable you to discuss all of your concerns in a non-medical environment. The homeopath will take the time to get a picture of your overall physical, mental and emotional wellbeing; they will look at you as a whole person and give you time to go through all your concerns. You will not feel rushed, and you will get much longer than the 9.2 minutes the average GP appointment lasts.

Given the current circumstances, the fear of seeking medical advice could increase for many men. It’s all too easy to ignore signs and symptoms. A number of homeopaths offer online consultations, so you can get the help and advice you need from the comfort and privacy of your own home if you prefer. It’s that easy.

If you’re stressed, have chronic pain, are constantly tired and lethargic, or have other concerns about your health and wellbeing, give homeopathy a try. Don’t be one of the 39% who put off seeking help until things start to get serious. Sometimes things don’t get better on their own.

Take the first step to better health today, and check out #tryhomeopathy

Robert, 45, from Dalkeith tells us:

“I’ve suffered with anxiety and depression most of my adult life and tried therapy, anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication. Homeopathy has helped me get back to work and given me the strength to go out with my family. It’s helped me get to a point I never thought I’d reach”.

  1. Survey of 2,000 men commissioned by Bupa Health Clinics, November 2019

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