Want wellness? Homeopathy can help. 

“Whereas conventional medical treatments today tend to focus on the former goal of treating or controlling symptoms, various natural therapeutics primarily attend to the latter goal of augmenting the person’s own inherent defenses. Although the direct treatment of symptoms often has immediate effects, its benefits tend to be short-term. Because such therapeutic interventions do not usually strengthen the person’s own defenses, the individual remains prone to recurrence of their problem.

In contrast, therapeutic methods that strengthen a person’s immune and defense system has longer term benefit and can prevent recurrence, but the benefit is sometimes achieved more slowly. In addition to have effects on a person’s immune system, research described in a respected pharmacology journal have confirmed that homeopathic medicines have a significant effect on gene expression, providing solid evidence for similar physiological effects for which conventional drugs are known to operate.”

Discover more here: https://homeopathic.com/homeopathic-medicine-and-the-immune-system/

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