Feverish flu?

Richard Robinson advises on the homeopathic treatment and prevention of this common winter illness

One of my first personal experiences of the effectiveness of homeopathy was shortly after I started the long course in homeopathy at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital some years ago. I had been out for the day one Saturday, and on arriving home began to feel very unwell. I was shivery, hot and cold, with teeth chattering and feeling very weak. I dragged myself to bed with an inward groan, knowing that I would be unfit for anything for the next few days. I still had a clear enough head though, to think that since I was studying homeopathy, now would be a good time to see if these homeopathic remedies actually worked. Since my symptoms appeared to fit the Gelsemium picture I took a pilule of Gelsemium 30c followed by another one half an hour later, and then dozed off. I woke up after an hour and got out of bed – all the symptoms had completely disappeared! I was astounded! I had never had such an experience before – any previous time that I had had ‘flu symptoms like this, they would have been sure to last several days, with or without conventional treatment. I was very impressed!

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