Symptoms and their use in returning to health

health hippocratesOne thing that delights me about homeopathy is how so much of it makes sense. From the time of Hippocrates, it was recognised that symptoms often have something worthwhile to express to us and as homeopaths (along with other health professionals), we take this into account daily.

If you’ve a car and there’s a warning light on, there’s at least two ways to fix this situation. One would be to remove the warning light bulb. No longer a warning light showing = car fixed? Maybe not quite. A homeopath would want to look at why the warning light was visible. What was going on when it started showing? Any other symptoms there? What was the root of the problem, the cause of the light showing initially? Then, ideally, these, as well as other symptoms, would be addressed, leading to the light no longer being needed as a warning.

A simple enough analogy perhaps and frequently this often a part of what we do as homeopaths. We may look to the causation of the problem that is being expressed and attempt to help it without suppression of symptoms. As the person gets better the symptoms that had been upsetting them may well fade. There may also be learning from particular symptoms we can do, and in consultation with a homeopath this can help us to move to a place of better health and greater awareness of ourselves.

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